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No contract for products or services is authorized by Global Hawk Insurance Company unless the contract is submitted to and approved by a member of the management team. Authorized managers who may give approval are: Jasbir Singh (JST@GHINS.com), Sandeep Sahota (SSahota@GHINS.com), Geet Prasad (GPrasad@GHINS.com), Pavan Bains (PBains@GHINS.com) and Kelly Myers (KMyers@GHINS.com). Any approval by e-mail must come from the above e-mail accounts to be binding on Global Hawk Insurance Company, we expressly deny any contractual obligation unless one of the authorized managers confirms the contract via email.


Global Hawk proudly supports your Commercial Automobile Liability policy only. To ensure that we are able to provide our clients with the most convenient and cost effective service, we have worked diligently to gain secure partnerships with an array of top-rated insurance companies to provide for your PD, Cargo, GL, WC, etc. needs. Our underwriters welcome your inquiries.